Program Publication

So, you've got your meeting organized and and now you need to get this information out to your attendees

Creating Your Conference Program

You certainly don’t want to see your attendees walking around lost, or worse, missing an important session because they couldn't find it in the program!

Meeting Perfect can handle all aspects of creating your conference program from first draft through print coordination. We have over two decades of professional publishing experience (both online and print). With experienced writers, editors, desktop publishers and graphic designers on our staff, we create professional-looking, clearly-organized publications. Our attention to detail means your conference publication will be as accurate as possible.

We Manage Every Phase of the Publishing Process

  • Collect schedules, session data, and author information and import it into desktop publishing format. If using our abstract submission system, the process is even smoother — just tell us the order you desire, and the content can be imported directly from our database.
  • Define the order of the meeting information to create a clearly-organized, understandable conference program.
  • Define page design, headings, text, tables, graphics, and so on.
  • Define styles and apply formatting to content.
  • Create author and topic indexes, front matter and full-color program covers.
  • Paginate, check page breaks, and look for formatting errors.
  • Perform several rounds of reviews, cross-checking of data, and proofreading.
  • Prepare print-ready files and proof.
  • Transmit print files to printer and coordinate proofing and print schedule.
  • Review bluelines, create change pages, and approve for printing.
  • Coordinate printing and delivery of printed programs.

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