Site Selection

Site selection is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks, and also one of the most important

Selecting the Right Venue

One of the first decisions you must make when planning a meeting is where to hold it. Wading through the myriad of venues and destinations to choose from is a daunting task. But it doesn't stop there. Once the venue is chosen, contract negotiations begin. The wrong contract can cost your organization, and your attendees, a lot of money. Knowing how to negotiate, and what you can negotiate, is especially important in today’s difficult economic times.

Securing the right venue is vital to the success of your event. Does your group want a resort setting or a downtown hotel? In their down time, do your attendees like to shop, go to the spa, golf, or hang out on the beach? Will you need space for exhibit booths and poster boards? How many break-out rooms (simultaneous sessions) will you have? Determining your budget for food & beverage and audio-visual services is also essential to picking the venue.

Why Use a Meeting Planner?

Using a professional meeting planner to research, locate and negotiate the best possible meeting site will save you time and money. Because we are experienced and stay current on industry trends and practices, we believe that the contracts we negotiate will be better than those you can negotiate yourself. All site selection and contract negotiation services are free to you, the client.

Meeting Perfect provides the following services to you:

  • Research and suggest appropriate venues based on your needs
  • Prepare and send out Requests for Proposals
  • Arrange comprehensive site visits
  • Prepare detailed site selection reports
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract

How can we offer these services for free?

Meeting Perfect can offer these services free of charge because the hotel you choose pays us a commission at the close of the meeting. This commission fee is standard in the industry and comes from the hotel’s marketing budget; it is NOT added to the room rate you receive. Because we are paid at the close of the meeting, we have a vested interest in your success.

We research and select venues with your best interests in mind; we are unbiased in our selection process, we do not represent specific hotels or hotel chains, nor do we make decisions based on alliances. You can be assured that your requirements are the driving force behind our recommendations.



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